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About Me! :D

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About the Artist- Me

About Me!

This is how I feel when I'm at work.... I just couldn't not post this here... XD

Anyways, I am 25 and I love art! I am basically here for practice and the occasional money making! I am a CPSR and I work at a local insurance agency. I am a college grad, and looking to become a CNA.

Websites and linkies!

My Photography Group :pointr: Uniquely-Yours-Photo
My tumblr :pointr:
My Twitter :pointr:
My Skype :pointr: tall_one
My LS-…

Even though I might not respond thank you so much for favorites and comments and llamas and notes! I do take the time to read each and every one!

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I do point and Paypal commissions!

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1. 4 Custom Designs - For horseygirl119 -100% - Awaiting Payment
2. Groups STUFF - 25%
3. Shop Keeper for DaD- Ghostlike Mare with Cloak

Waiting For- List:

1. Nothing

Important Peoples!

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Mai Friendz!

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100 Theme Challenge

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100 Theme Challenge

I'm gunna give this a shot..... Dunno how well I can manage but we shall see! :)

:bulletgreen: - Done

1. Fancy
2. Death
3. Underwater
4. Let's go!
5. Nighttime
6. Forever
7. Far away.
8. Limbo
9. Cuddle
10. Stuffed animal
11. Demon
12. Bubble
13. Reflection
14. Snail
15. Flight
16. Scared?
17. Canon
18. Hatred
19. Ugly
20. Beautiful
21. Spike
22. Go away
23. Believe
24. Snow
25. Waterfall
26. Fate
27. Needle
28. Alone again
29. Glow
30. Rave
31. Color splash
32. Bandanna
33. Stardust
34. Dragon
35. Meme
36. Battle
37. Save me
38. Elements
39. Torture
40. Wrath
41. Black
42. Vacation
43. Tree
44. Hands in the air
45. Hidden
46. Shout
47. Canvas
48. Harmony
49. Smile
50. Dreaming
51. Moon
52. Fall
53. Tears
54. Bleeding
55. Chase
56. Eating
57. Best friends
58. Together
59. Fishing
60. Rainbow
61. Dying
62. Psychotic
63. Fantasy
64. Rollin' around
65. Teeth
66. Mudkipz
67. Scale
68. Fruit
69. Cat fight
70. Depressed
71. Garden
72. Canine
73. Lightning
74. Welcome back
75. Sword
76. Pokemon
77. Sickness
78. Beauty and the Beast
79. Innocent
80. Transform
81. Perspective
82. Dash
83. Fluffy
84. Skeleton
85. Music
86. Angel
87. Dance
88. Porcupine
89. Venom
90. Climb
91. Above the clouds
92. Rockin' out
93. Poke
94. Adorable
95. Yard Sale
96. Hello?
97. Upside-down
98. Ouch!
99. Elegant
100. Our time is now


Jocyhope's Profile Picture
Jocy Hope
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Profile pic lined by the talented Mzzy! :D My two ocs Juno and Nat :)

Basically I just love art. I am dabbling at the moment in sketches and drawings. I am a part time photographer.
I'm on here to make friends of the artsy persuasion and otherwise fun. XD And just to share in my growth of drawing! XD

My Photography Group :pointr: :iconuniquely-yours-photo:
My tumblr :pointr:
My Twitter :pointr:
My WebComic Page :pointr:
My Skype :pointr: tall_one
My LS-…
My Furaffinity account:…

Motivation - What Should I Draw?

Journal Entry: Wed May 27, 2015, 5:05 PM
So I read this article here:…

And I really really REALLY love what it had to say.  Check it out and then keep reading my brain barf XD

So in it, it discusses the fact that a great way to keep yourself motivated, as well as to push your boundaries of your mind, is to pick a topic, randomly, and then draw that one subject matter OVER and OVER again, with different outcomes.  Either in different mediums or with different meanings.  

This example was given: "When you stick with the same topic long enough, you are forced to explore all options. Once you are really good at drawing an ear, how many different ways can you color an ear? Or now that you’ve got human ears perfected, what does an elephant’s ear look like? Can you create the ears with cut paper instead of pen and ink? Who has the smallest ears? The best hearing? When all the obvious options are exhausted, things get interesting (or just strange, which can be interesting!): What about dog-eared pages in a book? Where are a cricket’s ears? Does an ear of corn count?"

I mean honestly, the brilliance of that statement just makes my brain explode!  Why didn't I think about that sooner?!   It
MAKES you have to use your brain and think outside of the box!  Its wonderful!  Now to make myself stick to it! :D

I think what I am going to do is nix the time frame and instead institute a number of pictures instead.  Each subject has to have 5 different takes on it.  So I have to do 5 different pictures of each subject matter.  All can be digitally done if I choose, or I can do some traditional art if I choose, but 5 different pictures all containing the same subject has to be done.  :D   I feel like this is a good baby step into this, since I am HORRIBLE at time management.  

So I will put together a list below of random words, from a word generator, that I will use as my subject matter for each set of 5.  I will only put up the first 25 so as to not freak myself out.  That being said... that is already looking like 125 different pieces of art!  OMG.... It already looooommmss!!!

Anyways, I thought that maybe I would open it up to others as well.  If you feel like you want to participate in this with me let me know and link me to your pictures so that I can keep track of them here on this journal!  I would love to have a partner do this with me!  


Yea so............  let me know if you want to join!  You can do as many or as few as you want.  And you can totally have your own rules on how long you can take and how many pieces you have to do.  Even if it is only one picture per topic, SEND IT TO ME!  I want to see!  It will help inspire me to keep going! :D


  1. India
    1. 0% Completed
    2. 0% Completed
    3. 0% Completed
    4. 0% Completed
    5. 0% Completed
  2. Bulb
  3. Chandelier
  4. Spire
  5. College
  6. Padlock
  7. Slot machine
  8. Madman
  9. Cider
  10. System
  11. Service
  12. Stage
  13. Bank
  14. Algae
  15. Medal
  16. Mound
  17. Buoy
  18. Composer
  19. Shrimps
  20. Space Station
  21. Pancake
  22. Ant
  23. Insult
  24. Tile
  25. Planet

So yea.... anyways..... Let me know what you think?  What did you think of the article?  What do you do to keep yourself motivated?  You wanna join me?!


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