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Information and Commissions

.:Commission Info:.

Even though I might not respond thank you so much for favorites and comments and llamas and notes! I do take the time to read each and every one!


I do point and Paypal commissions!
Check out my Commission Status here:

Kobato Style Points Jar by Meriko-chandA Love by wolf-hatNobu Loves Points by Ggeenss


Current Commissions- List:
1. 0

Waiting For- List:
1. April Fox - Pony Design - Paid/Ordered - 08/26/2015

Important Peoples!

.:My Peeps & Inspirations:.

Some of the most EPIC peeps on this site!
Pixel - Onigiri Bounce Divider by firstfearPixel - Onigiri Bounce Divider by firstfear

My beautiful girlfriend: :iconatalantasphinx:

My Epic OC SHIPPING BUDDEH- :iconkirin-dreams:

Group Buddy Extraordinaire - :iconrhixas:

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3
People I look up to, respect and strive to be like:

:iconlopoddity::iconkilala97::iconninjahermit::iconflipfloppery::icontejama::iconsimplyliah::iconzyephens-insanity::iconrueme::iconstressedjenny::iconhumon::iconrejuch::iconkibbitzer::icontabby-like-a-cat: :iconkai-choo::iconichan-desu::iconichan-again::iconthedamn-thinguy::iconsneedham507::iconmzzazn::iconpromsien::iconvenomxbaby::iconmrsloth::iconmeago: :iconrynnay::iconviria13::iconfushio::iconkate-fox::iconcyphervisor:
Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

About Me! :D

.:About Me:.

Anyways, I am 25 and I love art! I am basically here for practice and the occasional money making! I am considering going back to school to become a vet tech and I currently work at a local insurance agency.

This is how I feel when I'm at work.... I just couldn't not post this here... XD

Just watch this and enjoy... this makes me smile every time....

Chris Pratt in heels!


Jocyhope's Profile Picture
Jocy Hope
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Profile pic lined by the talented Mzzy! :D My two ocs Juno and Nat :)

Basically I just love art. I am dabbling at the moment in sketches and drawings. I am a part time photographer.
I'm on here to make friends of the artsy persuasion and otherwise fun. XD And just to share in my growth of drawing! XD

My Pony tumblr :pointr:

My LS :pointr:…

My Skype :pointr: tall_one

My Photography Group :pointr: :iconuniquely-yours-photo:

Groups I'm In/Admining In :
:iconeffort-adoptables::iconadoptables-frenzy::iconall-acceptable-art: Glenmore Stamp 1 by jackkydaww

How is everyone doing!? 

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2 deviants said Ok
2 deviants said -dead-
No deviants said GREAT

The Cast and Crew!

I will be updating this with references and folders for my Next Gen Cast and Crew.

For now I will just put down names and group them in families. Its gunna be kinda hard to keep track of them all, but basically they are in sets of families. (Example: Aria and Red have 2 kids Aurora and Eclipse) I hope y'all can follow this crazy map!

Links and buttons are soon to come!

OC List Key =
:bulletpink: - First Gen
:bulletpink::bulletblack: - 1st Gen (Parents)
:bulletblue: - Second Gen
:bulletblue::bulletorange:- 2nd Gen (Kids)

:bulletpink: - Prince Skyler

:bulletpink::bulletblack: - Aria
:bulletpink::bulletblack: - Red
:bulletblue::bulletorange: - Armored Aurora
:bulletblue::bulletorange: - Eclipsed Shield

:bulletpink::bulletblack: - Dusky Riveter
:bulletblue::bulletorange: - Windy Waves
:bulletblue::bulletorange: - Floral Breeze

:bulletpink::bulletblack: - Tuxedo Masquerade
:bulletpink::bulletblack: - Persephone
:bulletblue::bulletorange: - Steel Lilly

:bulletpink: - Desert Flame
:bulletblue: - Solar Burn

:bulletpink: - Sweet Tart

:bulletpink::bulletblack: - Winter Star
:bulletblue::bulletorange: - Silver Boulder

:bulletpink::bulletblack: - Autumn Spear
:bulletblue::bulletorange: - Peach Song

:bulletpink::bulletblack: - Lucky Gadget
:bulletblue::bulletorange: - Jitter Bean

:bulletpink::bulletblack: - Smoky Song
:bulletblue::bulletorange: - Fiery Skies

:bulletpink::bulletblack: - Fiery Note
:bulletblue::bulletorange: - Dippin Berry

:bulletblue: - Arpeggio

:bulletblue::bulletorange: - Cotton Flash
:bulletblue::bulletorange: - Toodles

:bulletblue: - Gale Force

:bulletblue: - Stardust

:bulletblue: - Carrot Vault


Want to know more about them? Go to my Tumblr and ask away!

100 Theme Challenge

. : Pony Theme Challenge : .

:bulletgreen: 1. Fancy -
:bulletgreen: 2. Death -
:bulletgreen: 3. Underwater -
:bulletgreen: 4. Let's go! -
:bulletgreen: 5. Nighttime -
:bulletgreen: 6. Forever -
7. Far away.
8. Limbo
9. Cuddle
10. Stuffed animal
11. Demon
12. Bubble
13. Reflection
14. Snail
15. Flight
16. Scared?
17. Canon
18. Hatred
19. Ugly
20. Beautiful
21. Spike
22. Go away
23. Believe
24. Snow
25. Waterfall
26. Fate
27. Needle
28. Alone again
29. Glow
30. Rave
31. Color splash
32. Bandanna
33. Stardust
34. Dragon
35. Meme
36. Battle
37. Save me
38. Elements
39. Torture
40. Wrath
41. Black
42. Vacation
43. Tree
44. Hands in the air
45. Hidden
46. Shout
47. Canvas
48. Harmony
49. Smile
50. Dreaming
51. Moon
52. Fall
53. Tears
54. Bleeding
55. Chase
56. Eating
57. Best friends
58. Together
59. Fishing
60. Rainbow
61. Dying
62. Psychotic
63. Fantasy
64. Rollin' around
65. Teeth
66. Mudkipz
67. Scale
68. Fruit
69. Cat fight
70. Depressed
71. Garden
72. Canine
73. Lightning
74. Welcome back
75. Sword
76. Pokemon
77. Sickness
78. Beauty and the Beast
79. Innocent
80. Transform
81. Perspective
82. Dash
83. Fluffy
84. Skeleton
85. Music
86. Angel
87. Dance
88. Porcupine
89. Venom
90. Climb
91. Above the clouds
92. Rockin' out
93. Poke
94. Adorable
95. Yard Sale
96. Hello?
97. Upside-down
98. Ouch!
99. Elegant
100. Our time is now


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